Five County Economic Development District

The Southwest region of Utah was designated as an Economic Development District by the United States Economic Development Administration in 1980. The purpose of this designation is to promote a coordinated, region wide approach to the economic development efforts of local governments in Southwest Utah. For over 40 years, the Five County Economic Development District (FCEDD) has served Beaver, Garfield, Iron, Kane, and Washington Counties by providing technical assistance and guidance for unified growth.

The goal of economic development is to create more vibrant communities by fostering economic resilience and vitality. This goal cannot be accomplished without addressing a multitude of key areas including workforce development, business retention, and housing attainability. Our organization is actively working to advance economic development in Southwest Utah by conducting analysis, coordinating with local leaders and stakeholders, and offering guidance that promotes sustainable growth.

Through long range projects such as the Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) and the Disaster Recovery and Resiliency Economic Development Plan (DRRE), the FCEDD seeks to plan, prepare, and partner with a diverse array of local leaders to reach their communities’ objectives. FCAOG also administers the Southwest Utah Microloan Program, which provides small businesses in the region with access to capital. We are committed to supporting the regions recovery and remain dedicated to strengthening it’s economic landscape.