Disaster Recovery and Resiliency

Economic Development Plan

The Disaster Recovery and Resiliency Economic Development Plan (DRRE) is currently being developed to prevent, prepare for, and respond to the economic downturn caused by the COVID-19 Pandemic. The plan will employ short and long-term economic development processes which focus on pandemic recovery and resiliency, aligned with the approved CEDS. Building upon current initiatives, the plan aims to outline the impact this downturn has had on the region, while providing a clear direction for area-wide efforts. Creating a dynamic, data-driven plan with community buy-in will in turn provide guidance for a more robust, diverse, and resilient Southwest Utah economy.

The DRRE Plan is currently in the preliminary stages of the planning process with the majority of efforts being focused towards research, documentation, and community outreach. The goal is to analyze the most successful recovery initiatives and programs developed during the current ongoing pandemic in order to identify a set of best practices for application to similar crises. Through the formation of our DRRE Strategy Committee, we have brought a wide range of voices to the table including private stakeholders, public officials, rural communities, and small businesses. This is a broad, long-range, and ongoing planning effort with a release horizon of June 2022. For these reasons, it must be widely applicable to a variety of communities in order to effectively shape public policy and leverage economic development as a tool for future resiliency.