1st Annual UZONA Chamber Business Expo and Career Fair in Hildale

On April 30th, the UZONA Chamber of Commerce will host its 1st Annual Business Expo and Career Fair in Hildale, Utah. The UZONA Chamber serves the business communities of Apple Valley and Hildale in Utah, as well as Colorado City, Cane Beds, Centennial Park, and the Kaibab Paiute Reservation in Arizona.

Hildale is located in the southeastern corner of the Five County region, while Colorado City lays in Northern Arizona’s Mohave County. The sister cities of Hildale and Colorado City share a unique business environment situated within an area known as the Short Creek Valley. These two intertwined communities are home to burgeoning retail, financial services, and manufacturing sectors, which are only separated by the Utah-Arizona State line.

The opportunity to live and work within these diverse communities has never been greater, with large manufacturing operations and several new financial services firms seeking to hire hundreds of new employees. Communities on both sides of the state line have also grown to be more business friendly and pro-development. Recently, the successful grand opening of Bee’s Marketplace, a large grocery store and dining establishment in Colorado City, has demonstrated the tremendous potential and willingness of the region to not only support new enterprise, but encourage it to thrive.

The Five County Association of Governments truly believes that as a region, together we prosper. By encouraging cooperation between different communities and promoting interstate commerce, we can foster a more resilient economic landscape in the Southwest.

For more information and to register for the 2021 Business Expo and Career Fair as a vendor or attendant visit uzonachamber.org

and connect with the UZONA Chamber of Commerce

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